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  • Posted on 12 September 2020

The MIA / Vamil arrangement makes an investment even more attractive!

Are you considering to exchange your one-way grow trays for multi-year grow trays? Then this year you can co-finance your new tray washer with the help of the subsidy scheme of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

With the Vamil (Random depreciation of environmental investments) and/ or the MIA (Environmental investments allowance), a tax incentive is given to investments in business assets that are in the interest of protecting the environment. With these extra assets switching to more sustainable solutions, such as breeding through multi-year grow trays, will get even more interesting.

This arrangement isn’t environmentally friendly only, it also offers you a tax benefit of up to 12% net of the investment. With the MIA arrangement you can deduct up to 36% of the investment amount from the taxable profit. With the Vamil you can write off an investment any time. For investments from 2011, the random depreciation is limited to 75%. By depreciating faster, you reduce the taxable profit and pay less tax in that year. This offers you an interest and liquidity advantage.

The arrangement booked under number F 2317 is intended to replace the use of disposable trays. In addition, the number F 2317 consists of investing in multi-year grow trays and for the purchase or adaptation of your current automation or the purchase of a washing machine.

However, there are a few conditions attached to this subsidy scheme. To be eligible for such an arrangement, the tax authorities must grant the subsidy, after which you can make use of the arrangement. However, you are not eligible for a subsidy arrangement if an investment in multi-grow trays as part of an greenhouse is mentioned under one of the business assets B 2111, F 2112 and A 2113.

This scheme is an ideal stimulus to a more sustainable and innovative cultivation solution. When you enter into a partnership with a producer of trays, the full investment of the trays, handling and washers may be eligible for this subsidy.


For more information about these subsidy arrangements, Unifortes refers you to https://www.rvo.nl.

Jeroen Verkerk | Sales manager

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