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  • Posted on 12 March 2021

Cleaning your washer

The importance of clean product carriers is clear. There is plenty of washing machines on offer, each with their own advantages. Often fading into the background, but the importance of clean machines is enormous. How is it even possible to really clean in a dirty environment?

We build our machinery according to the regulations of HACCP, a food safety system. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Systems, a system with guidelines to comply with hygiene regulations and work in accordance with European guidelines on hygiene. But at Unifortes, we take things to a higher level. We therefore not only take the design guidelines of HACCP in consideration, we completely focus on the accessibility and cleanability of our machinery.

Our engineering and research & development team focuses from the design process on the accessibility and cleanability of the installations. In this manner, we provide the most easy and cost effective designs in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Accessibility is very important with industrial cleaning systems. For example, our machines are equipped with hatches on both sides – to create a completely open machine. Our click-on nozzles can be easily taken out for inspection and cleaning. In addition, the entire piping system can be easily removed or opened for flushing and cleaning. We created open transport systems for automatic cleaning during use. In this way, there is no chance on accumulation which subsequently increases the wear of the transport system. The outside design of our machinery is also well thought out in terms of cleanability. All electrical cables are laid in open channels with a maximum of 3 cables per bundle, to ensure that no dirt builds up between the cables.

The open design, hatches on both sides, open transport systems – all major advantages in term of cleanability of the installations. Moreover, for service and maintenance this can be a great asset since service interventions can be carried out quickly and effectively. Most of the times without external technician or Unifortes service team, because any defects can be easily found and revolved.

In our opinion, an easily accessible machine is a requirement for proper cleaning of the machine. If accessibility is hard, chances are that cleaning never occurs and in times of malfunction defects are hardly found. If machinery cleaning does not happen, you might want to also ask yourself to what extent a cleaning machine that cannot be cleaned properly itself can clean properly.

The better your machine can be kept clean, the better it will clean! We gladly advise you in terms of cleaning your machinery for achieving best results!

Roy Kranendonk | Sales manager

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