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Industrial cleaning

Due to increasing hygiene requirements, state of the art washers become essential nowadays. Accordingly, we offer supreme quality washers that meets each customer-specific standard.


Our high quality washing systems are based on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, using the latest technology. We offer systems for every hygiene standard and capacity requirement. Moreover, they’re all low maintenance and easy to operate.



Unifortes installations are all engineered and manufactured by the four cleaning principles of the “Sinner Circle”. This means that we achieve the optimal cleaning result by using the components “time”, “temperature”, “chemistry” and “mechanical force” in the best possible ratio. The goal is to achieve the shortest cycle time as possible, with the complete Sinner Circle being in balance. This all depends on your product and the degree of pollution.

Our systems


The longer the cycle time, the better the cleaning performance. To achieve a short cycle time, other factors must compensate accordingly.


Temperature accelerates the activation of the detergent and speeds up the removal of contamination from your product.


Chemicals have the purpose of removing and suspending invisible dirt such as bacteria. Carefully test concentration, quality and dosage.


Water circulation via mechanical action ensures that the contamination is removed from the surfaces of your product.

Modular design makes every machine length and washing capacity possible

Transport height of 900mm resulting in ergonomically manual in-feed and out-feed

Turn-key solutions

We have the capacity, the know-how and the product range to deliver a successful turn-key project. We offer turn-key solutions for handling your entire cleaning and drying process. 



Our product range varies from stand-alone crate washers to the turn-key delivery of a fully automated washing and handling plant. Unifortes engineering team is happy to help you find the best optimum solution at a competitive price. Varying from stand-alone washers to the turn-key delivery of a fully automated washing and handling plant, we offer solutions for every situation.  Unifortes supplies a wide range of transport and handling systems such as stackers, destackers, sorting systems and automatic warehouses. The basic washer focusses on washing at lower capacities and is suitable for all sectors. Our Industrial series is a modular system, developed for washing at higher capacities and offering many extendable features.

Unifortes test center

The Unifortes test center has raised the bar even higher in determining the right machine for the customer. In the Unifortes Test Center we offer the possibility to test the washing and drying results with contaminated crates.


Over the years Unifortes has collected a large amount of data on washing temperatures, washing contact times, pressures and disinfection products for a large number of different product carriers in a large number of different industries.
However, the word “clean” is interpreted differently each time. That is why it is important to determine what “clean” is together with the customer. This results in the most efficient machine for the customer with the certainty that the machine meets the expected requirements. The tests ensure that no unnecessary investments are made for the machine and this results in lower costs of, for example, electricity, water consumption and chemistry. In order to test the product carriers for residual residues, Unifortes can initiate a laboratory investigation.


  •  Modular design dictates every machine length and washing capacity possible.
  • 3D simulation to define the optimal design for the spraying sections, nozzles and guiding system. As a result, minimising pressure loss and delivery of a uniform and high impact spraying pattern will be achieved.
  • Chain transport height of 900mm resulting in ergonomically manual in-feed and out-feed positions.
  • Lean and open design results in an easy to clean and maintenance of the machine from inside and out.
  • For the smoothest and therefore easiest to clean surface the whole machine is pickled and passivated.

Extendable features

  • Tank heating by electric elements, hot water heat exchangers or steam injectors
  • Different types of filter systems applicable according your situation
  • Label removal system for the removal of labels
  • Modular air recirculation dryer for automatic drying of the items
  • Steam extraction systems to improve work environment
  • Material handling for turn-key solutions
Dennis Martens | Head of engineering

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