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Our experience in material handling can cover practically every part of the production process connected to the handling of “product carriers”.


The right conveyor system can improve a washing line’s efficiency and productivity. We offer different conveyors such as belt, roller (driven and non-driven) and chain conveyors, for different products, pallets and crates. Above all this wide range of standard conveyors can also be applied to the washing process and therefore. In conclusion, a fitting cost-effective solution can be provided.


Unifortes supplies automatic stacking systems for a wide variety of uses. For example, stacking and de-stacking of smaller products like crates, trays, boxes and buckets. As well as systems for larger products like pallets. But the type of machine required is determined by the product and by the capacity required.


Industrial robots are used for handling a great variety of products for complex and/or precise processes that are hard to realize by means of conventional machines. Examples of application include: pick & place systems for eggs. The right design will enable several kinds of products to be handled, moreover enhancing the installation’s efficiency and flexibility while reducing investment. For example, one single gripper that makes it possible to pick up crates and pallets.

Box & crate folding

Boxes come in different styles and dimensions. Furthermore, they often need to be opened automatically to supply high capacity washing lines and folded flat again post wash. Depending on the type of box, the required capacity and application, we can extend the system with other handling solutions.


We offer a wide range of palletizing technology, from ‘semi’ automatic up to most sophisticated multi-load palletizing machines. Our palletizing systems are applicable for a wide variety of products, like boxes, crates, trays and practically any product of a rectangular design. Eventually, the type of machine depends on your specific needs, such as desired capacity, stacking pattern, pallet formats, but also stability of the product.

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Roy Kranendonk | Sales Manager