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From spare parts and rental service to a total service contract, our service team is there for you! With our worldwide network we can provide a full and comprehensive service in almost every country in the world.


Instead of our job being accomplished by delivery, our relationship starts at this point: without hiccups we ensure a fast and smooth start-up, and more importantly, we’re there for you during the life span of the machine. The key to a perfect functioning cleaning system is to thoroughly maintain it. The Unifortes Service Contract is the solution for this, if you’re running out of time or want to be sure that the system is maintained effectively, our competent service teams of trained and qualified specialists take care of your needs in the areas of service and maintenance, as well as defect prevention.




The Unifortes service department is your go-to for quick and efficient spare parts deliveries. Because of the enormous costs involved in non-working machinery, our service department responds with quick action and short communication lines to keep your machinery up and running. This service is highly appreciated by our customers who know that they can count on a reliable partner by their side.


Unifortes offers a flexible rental program that allows your company to accommodate any temporary or seasonal production demands. Due to its modular and standardized design the machine can be tailored to your specific needs. We start by running cleaning and drying trials with your products beforehand, to ensure right machine setting and perfect possible cleaning results. Staff training and installation of the machine can be done by Unifortes’ own qualified service engineers if desired.


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