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Cleaning systems

We offer smart cleaning solutions for every challenge in all kinds of production companies. Can’t find your machine here? Please let us know, we love a challenge!

Egg washer

Egg washers

The Unifortes egg washer cleans and disinfects chicken eggs perfectly. This egg washer series can be placed in-line, even with your existing machinery. It contains a washing section, rinsing section and distinct drying systems and can be equipped with an oiler.

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Trolley washer

Dolly & Trolley washers

We offer suitable dolly and trolley washers different widths, heights and lengths. The unit can be placed directly on the production floor because of unique design with a transport height of only 350mm.

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Pallet box washer

Palletbox & bin washers

Fully constructed out of stainless steel, our pallet box washer is ideal for cleaning a wide variety of wheeled bins, euro bins, tote bins, DOLAV bins, wheelie bins and pallet containers as a stand alone or inline.

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Pallet washer for cleaning pallets (EURO)

Pallet washers

Unifortes pallet washers are suitable for cleaning all kind of pallets (such as egg cargo pallets and dividers) that are used in a wide range of sectors. The system can be adapted according to the pollution and capacity requirements.

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Tray washer for cleaning grower trays, plugtrays and all other sorts.

Tray washers

We offer tray washers for soft plastic, hard plastic and polystyrene. The basic line offers solutions for lower capacities while the industrial line covers high quantities, both offering many extendable features.

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Pot washer for cleaning plastic pots in all sizes and variations

Pot washers

Our stand-alone basic pot washer is ideal for washing a wide variety of pots, operation by one person only thanks to its unique design. The industrial pot washer covers more, but yet easy to use and maintain.

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Mould washer

Mould washers

Looking for a cleaning system for your moulds? We offer mould washing machines for different types of moulds such as: chocolate moulds, cheese block moulds and forms. Customized to optimize your production proces. Customized to optimize your production process.

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Plate washer for cleaning all types of plates

Plate washers

We offer you solutions for the automatic cleaning of your plates, regardless of your hygiene standard and capacity requirement. From stand-alone to the turn-key delivery of a fully automatic hygiene plant.

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Bucket washers

Bucket cleaning systems for every hygiene standard and capacity requirement. Fully automatic washers optimizing your production processes. Expandable with drying, filtration and handling solutions.

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Crate washer Growers United

Crate washers

Our crate washers are designed, developed and built in-house – efficient in terms of costs and the environment. Configured for each individual user there is always a crate washer to suit your requirements.

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