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  • Posted on 21 July 2015

Turn-key project installed at Abbatoir Van-O-Bel NV, Belgium

The installation of the fully automated washing and drying line for the chicken abattoir Van-O-Bel NV has recently been finalized. The abattoir processes daily 160.000 chickens. The new washing line is used for the cleaning and handling of dirty crates received back from the customers. The total line has a throughput of 2.000 nestable crates per hour to be re-used for the handling and delivery of processed chickens.

The line consists of a de-stacking line for the de-stacking of dirty crates. These stacks of dirty crates are manually positioned onto the infeed of the de-stacker. An overhead conveyor with gravity looping transports the single crates upside down, at a continuous process, towards the tunnel washing installation type UNI-W1150.70. The tunnel washing installation is equipped with 5 washing tanks, a rotating filter, a label remover and a final rinsing section. A double air recirculation dryer is installed in line with the tunnel washing installation for the drying of the clean crates. Rest water from the crates is collected and recuperated back to the washing installation for water and energy saving. After drying, the crates are turned back into normal position for automatic re-stacking. Finally an operator manually places the stacks of clean crates back on a pallet for re-use in their production.

Roy Kranendonk | Sales manager

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